Cancer female and taurus male dating

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Taurus gives value to the talents that come with the identity that Aries found.Taurus teaches us the importance of self-love, self-worth and self-esteem.

In their work, Taurus are industrious and really good crafts-people. Taurus engenders art, luxury, finances and valuables.

Taurus is all about the pleasures and sensuality of life.

A Taurus born person loves to relish in the gifts of the five senses and helps us connect with the sweet and finer things in life.

When you value yourself, then you will uncover the opportunities to use your gifts and natural talents to create abundance in your life. Taurus teaches that appreciation of oneself generates a cycle of success that results in growing wealth.

Taurus teaches that self-worth or how much you esteem your own valuable talents will determine how much money you make. If you lack in the self-esteem department, you may become stuck in the rut of financial limitation.

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