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Though David and the that several seeds were planted in the premiere that will come to fruition in later episodes, in addition to setting up Larry's season arc about living in Los Angeles as a wanted man.

"There are a lot of things in [the premiere] that seem innocuous but are really step one of a story that is going to be a story in episodes two, three, four or five," he teased.

"Let's just say Leon's got Larry's back," Smoove tells of what's to come with the duo.

"Whether Larry accepts Leon’s advice or not, Leon is always going to give it to him straight.

Hines attended the school with actress Lisa Kudrow.

Hines was married to Paul Young from 2002 to 2010 and they have a daughter, Catherine Rose. Kennedy Jr., not long after Kennedy filed for divorce from Mary Kennedy, in May 2010. Larry David, Kevin Nealon and actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus were among the guests in their Cape Cod wedding.

Despite denials of any marital woes from Hines’ reps, a pal said, “She never tried to become their friend. ” Kennedy’s two youngest kids have already played out their problems with very public and embarrassing antics.

Conor, who dated Taylor Swift in 2012, was jailed after a drunken brawl outside an Aspen nightclub on Dec. Meanwhile, Kyra became a member of the infamous “Snap Pack” — a group of spoiled rich kids who post photos of their wild parties on social media.

Finally, in November, he shipped Kyra off to a “therapeutic boarding school” in Italy!

That realism, plus the fact that Hines used her actual first name for the character, made people think that Hines and David were married in real life, a misinterpretation that is weirdly persistent even 17 years after the series premiered. '" A bit of Cheryl David's wryness slips into Hines' voice as she says this, and she cracks her signature extravagant smile.

When you type "Cheryl Hines" into Google, "Is Cheryl Hines really married to Larry David? At the end of the day, Hines is fine with the confusion, though. You're not hurting anybody." is that both she and Cheryl David go to a lot of fundraisers and benefits, because that's the world Hines and her character both live in.

Hines has acted in an array of films and television shows, and was nominated for two Emmy Awards—in 20—for her role on the popular HBO comedy Born on September 21, 1965 to James and Rosemary Hines, Cheryl Hines grew up in Tallahassee, Florida, where she began acting as a high school student.

Hines loved comedy at a young age, so she decided to study comedy writing and improvisation at The Groundlings School in Los Angeles, where such mainstream comedians as Phil Hartman, Kathy Griffin and Kristen Wiig also got their start.

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