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It was sold again on May 13, 2016, and registered under its current Ohio license plate, GVF 1111, which has been shown in photos from Charlottesville.

News reports concur the car is registered to Fields.

After the posts blaming Joel Vangheluwe started appearing, he posted Facebook status updates on Aug. "im not the one, im from fucking michigan you idiots," he first posted. Vangheluwe followed that with, "i drive a 2009 chevy impala, not a challenger, fuck the internet" Puppet String said, "Virginia Police arrest wrong person to cover for Antifa member who ran over protesters." The website alleged that the Vangheluwe family owned the 2010 Dodge Challenger used in the Charlottesville tragedy.

While they did own it years ago, records show it is currently registered in Ohio, where Fields lives.

Fields was identified by police as the driver and was charged with second-degree murder, three counts of malicious wounding and one count of hit and run. A former high school teacher also noted Fields had shown an unusual interest in Nazi history.

But what about the car supposedly belonging to the Vangheluwes?

Nelson of Belle Haven Animal Medical Centre with husband Michael Nelson and Linda Victoria Courie.Emceeing Sugar & Champagne for third second year was the always dynamic 94.7 Fresh FM Host Tommy Mc Fly.Honorees at the event included: Alexandria Vet - Dr.But the post, which appears to get its roots from an imageboard site that has spawned countless memes and conspiracy theories, is based on inaccurate information. A statement from the city of Charlottesville said the Challenger rear-ended a sedan, which in turn hit a minivan, pushing the minivan into an intersection filled with pedestrians."The Dodge Challenger fled the scene, but was located and stopped a short time later by Charlottesville Police," the statement read. Fields was photographed at the Charlottesville rally, and news reports said he had told his mother in Ohio that he was going there.

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