Engin akyurek dating

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As long as she is not filming TV series, she doesn’t need a baby sitter.

The successful actress lives so simple that she even uses public transportation very often.

Don’t you think this is a big responsibility when you start a new project?

I think I am very lucky if I am able to make people believe in me.

We will see in detail the reflections of that sentence on other characters as well.

- What will make Elif-Ömer love different than other love stories?

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She will see the real faces of the people whom she thought she knew very well.She will find out that her beloved ones whom she trusts have totally different lives.And during this period, she will meet Ömer and he will be the only person whom she can trust.Although they live very different lives, they share the same core values.They find each other when they lost their beloved ones.

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