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It's a 2007 with Power Commander, Doherty air cleaner, and standard Fat Cat. Weight of the bike, 1 or 2 up, your riding style, what you want out of it and of course… Just the tuning device and the tune will run you upwards of 0-00.

what compression you have and even more important what corrected compression you want and CCP.

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Without shipping that will run me ,000.00 approx. ,500.00 I have a built motor fully bolted and tuned and a stouter tranny. I'm thinking I will upgrade the valvebody anyways, also I just ordered Z!

I'm banking that this will be a significant power increase and a very reliable setup that will get me into the 12's easily. With the nitrous kit, you'll have to factor in a bottle warmer, bottle jacket, switches, gauges, progressive controller and of course a tune. Urethane motor mounts and UR lightweight crank and alternator pulley set. Hmmm..part of me wants to run a built motor with cams and the other wants to go nitrous. You'll have to ask the local enthusiasts where supplies.

I want a 12 second car that's reliable, steerable and can be daily driven in the summer. Built Motor The IPP Built High Comp long block is 11.5:1 compression ratio, I'd opt for the moly coated pistons and have them put the JWT Stage 1 Cams in. I'm going to re-tune and add a few other things no matter what so I'm not factoring those costs into anything.

I'm thinking either go with a Nitrous setup 100 shot or an IPP Stage 1 built high compression 11.5:1 long block with JWT cams installed into ported heads. I know some VQ37 tuners who won't even touch tuning nitrous. He tuned my tranny to better utilize the VB upgrade.

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