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Like in Target, I've seen a couple women I've REALLY wanted to approach... If she is "busy right now" don't you think she is capable of saying so with or without your condescendingly "understanding" it? She needs to be visible and - yes - vulnerable too; she must be able to take a chance. If she is with others, she is not likely to be approached. The idea that oh no no no women don't approach men or they might be considered "forward" or God help us hookers - that is so Victorian era.

And women with Victorian-era ideas are so boring that no worthwhile man today is likely to take an interest in her. Any woman who thinks she can sit at home and men are going to come looking for her is setting herself up for disappointment.

I guess I am still from the old school letting the guy ask LOLOh my... and whilst i agree, a lot of clubs n pubs do sway towards the younger peeps out there, we're often found mingling in between, but having grown a little we just aren't likely to be the ones having to shout for attention! And, though I know a few people that don't have a computer, I think to most of us, I bcame as normal a TV did to previous generations. I think that if you are very personable and a good conversationalist, then the net can be a good place to meet someone when you want to be seen for whom you are 1st. I honestly think that it might just revolutionize the "meet and greet" scenario because you can see and talk to someone in "real time" from the safety and comfort of your own home, or even while you are on the road.

.for me i wouldn't be found in some labelled 30 plus only club.. ...perhaps look for places to hang out in where the music and atmosphere is more of your 'generation' for want of a better word.. So too, many 30 plus, male or female have more work, family and friend commitments and are just leading busy lives and on a night off prefer to socialise privately with friends... Instead of being gawked and oogled at first (or being over-looked because you aren't the best looking person in an environment). They can help you ensure that your "first date" won't be a flop.

There is plenty of room in my life for people who are real and I don't need people paralyzed by timidity or the game-players who expect me to adhere to "dating rules" to which I have never consented. Like in Target, I've seen a couple women I've REALLY wanted to approach... Yes, talk to them as a group and discuss the items in the store or the store itself or whatever relevant small talk..trick is to just talk, with no expectation or agenda on what comes of it. You can usually tell from reactions of the group where you're at.

If they look like they are too into shopping and there's no interest, you can always say "well, you all have a good day" and move on. "I understand you are busy right now, but would like to meet you at another time for coffee.

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

Can't he respect HER right to decide that for herself?She has endured some disappointments and healed some bruises and she now knows at last that life is not a fairytale so she is ready to encounter you as a human being, not just as a candidate to fulfill a juvenile fantasy. There is a reason why some of us girls hang out in certain isles at walmart, the hardware store, or certain areas in best buy, poplated park areas for a certain amout of time......This summer with kids YMCAOutdoor pools Parks Biking Library Camping Wonderland Chuck E Cheese Camp Cardio Grocery Doctor/dentist/ortho etc Without Salsa lesson Cooking lesson T. LOLI know I am not one for just coming out and asking...can I have your number, are you single? going by some of the replies you've had it would seem we are all in a dentist chair getting our false teeth replaced or wandering around lonely and depressed waiting to be swept off our feet! you'll probably find us hanging out in the same places other people of a variety of ages do... The mic and webcam can add a whole new element, if used properly and respectfully.I guess I'm not out much because whilst my kids are pretty much grown up I've been so busy with them, my career and Uni etc that whilst I wasn't looking all my friends went and had babies.Now they dont go out without their kids except for special occasions, so I dont get to go out drinking or clubbing much these days.

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