Need help consolidating my payday loans

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In fact, as an experiment, try doing what I did and simply enter the phrase “debt consolidation companies” into a search engine.Good luck finding search results that don’t include debt settlement or management companies! Because debt settlement and debt management can be extremely risky and could have debilitating effects on your finances.

To see a list of those options, see Ben’s previous blog post, “Debt Consolidation Programs.” However, those “do it yourself” debt consolidation options are predicated on having a good credit score.If you’re paying attention then you can learn a great deal about the legitimacy of a company simply based of your interactions with their representatives in person.As there is no way to guarantee a company is reputable, you’ll need to keep an eye (and ear) out for these red flags. If you go to a debt consolidation company, they will charge you a fee.People with bad credit qualify for a debt relief program more readily.They find it very difficult to gain approval for a new borrowing account that combines multiple payday loans from different companies into one monthly payment.

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