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The bill also removes words including as 'husband', 'wife', 'mother' and 'father' from the Marriage Act and replaces them with the gender-neutral 'spouse', 'parent who gave birth' and 'parent who did not give birth'.Muscat said such wording was needed to avoid categorising any member of society.

As the air heats up, I bring my breakfast outside to the terrace of the 17th-century farmhouse, taking in the surroundings.Gozo is smaller and quieter than neighbouring Malta.Just four miles separates the two, but Gozo doesn't have motorways or even an airport.Dropping into the bakery to stock up for the day, I line up with the locals as the bakers weave around us with full trays of ftira (traditional pizza-like bread, topped with vegetables and potatoes) and qassatat (small pies filled with peas or cheese), to load into the wood-fired oven.There are no shop counters here - you just pick your bread or ftiras straight from the cooling racks.

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