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I think one of the things that bothers me most about this novel is how Drakon NEVER CHANGES.

He doesn't adjust, he doesn't adapt, he doesn't compromise.

I mean, he ate someone's son just because he danced with Matt in a nightclub.Soon, Matt begins to wonder if he'll ever have the will to tell Drakon no. Will Matthew stay with the man he's growing to love once he discovers Drakon's long-lived, carefully guarded secret? Initially, Matt and Drakon are interesting characters and this really could have been a much better story, but it just seemed to go in circles. Matt's repeated correcting of Drakon calling him 'Pet' was cute the first five or so times. Matt also seemed incapable of having a rational thought and following it through to completion.He throws a spectacular tantrum when D refuses to allow him to leave the house long e What was the point??He doesn't adjust, he doesn't adapt, he doesn't compromise. From reading the blurb, "A Private Hunger" seemed like it would be a good, hot story about a dragon shifter and his...mate?Matthew is the one having to give everything up, to accept being sequestered in a mansion [because D is insanely jealous and can't go out much], not having friends [because D is insanely jealous], giving up his family [have I said D is insanely jealous yet? He has to give up his dreams of schooling, of going out places, or interacting with others. So what this story actually was a story with regurgitated albeit raunchy sex scenes between two men (though I question if Matthew was due to his incessant giggling through out the entire story.)Drakon, the dragon shifter, had so much potential to be a stronger character if there was more development put i So a lot of the previous reviews are pretty accurate about this story.

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