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Many covet its rich taste, dressed by the fragrance of pandan leaves finely woven around the humble delicacy.

But more importantly is its ability to preserve the traditional, unyielding to the hands of time and untainted by the modern.

Q10: I tried it and after 36 hours my roses are still white with only blue spots? please visit: https:// Q12: What is blue roses meaning?

A10: This happens if the roses used have been submerged into water for a very long time before they are dyed. A12: The blue roses are flowers to convey a message of mystery, enchantment, charm, uniqueness and a sense of the impossible.

But do take into account, the thicker the viscosity the more difficult the blue dye is going to be absorbed.

Q2: After rose gets it colour is it Possible to maintain the rose for sometime or it can’t be watered anymore ?

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As oppose to spray, one may miss out or not able to completely cover the inner layers of the petals.

In Singapore, you may get them from the master distributor, Kim Soon at Arab Street.

Here are some of the FAQ we gathered from our youtube video: Q1: How much of the dye should we add?

A1: There are instructions on the label pasted on powdered dye container.

The ratio of dye to water much dependant on how intense the colour blue you want.

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