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Ramat Ha Negev Regional Council has ignored the Bedouin already living within its jurisdiction and has not offered to recognize villages or give them any place within the council’s exclusively Jewish communities.There are currently 59 individual farms in the Negev, covering more than 81,000 dunams of land, which is greater than the total land mass that the state granted to the seven Bedouin townships housing around 85,000 people.Not only has the state confiscated pre-1948 Palestinian Arab lands, it has not allowed Arab citizens to establish new towns; nor has it approved adequate expansion of existing ones.Since 1948 the state has authorized the creation of about 1,000 Jewish communities, but not a single Arab community except for the seven government-planned townships and the nine new or newly recognized villages, which concentrate the Bedouin in limited areas in the Negev, and some similar towns in the Galilee.Fifty of the regional councils contain Jewish localities and cover vast land areas.There are only three Arab regional councils and, unlike their Jewish counterparts, they do not have territorial contiguity: they control only land within the village boundaries of the communities under the council’s jurisdiction, while all the tracts of land between these villages belong to a neighboring Jewish regional council.According to the ILA, “ Israel provides its citizens with high quality public services in sanitation, health and education, and municipal services.

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Bedouins’ lack of access to land occurs in a wider context affecting Israel’s Palestinian Arab population generally.

Government agencies allocated public funds to establish the farms and connect them to infrastructure and utilities, even where the farms were built illegally and are not close to other inhabited communities.

This stands in direct contradiction to the government’s assertion that they cannot provide services to Bedouin living in illegal housing and in dispersed locations.

Most of the town’s area is designated for residential dwellings.

Despite this, the town lacks residential land… Lack of space for residential use is characteristic of most of the Arab Bedouin towns.

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