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Fedora 10 installs on the internal hard disk without any issues and works fine without having to change any settings.Fedora 12 only installs on the Play Station 3 when running the 64 bit kernel and only when English is the chosen language.The installation manual for the Yellow Dog Linux version for PS3 stated, "It was fully intended that you, a PS3 owner, could play games, watch movies, view photos, listen to music, and run a full-featured Linux operating system that transforms your PS3 into a home computer." Most of the filing relates to violation of various consumer protection laws relating to the removal.Several other lawsuits were also filed and are somewhat similar in nature but are filed by other individuals.

However the 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) release was ported to the PS3 on the same release date as the official main Ubuntu release.

open SUSE 10.3 was the first version of open SUSE to run on the Sony Play Station 3 platform.

open SUSE is a free version of SUSE Linux, which is owned by Novell.

There are Play Station 3 specific installation instructions available for open SUSE.

Fedora 7 works on a USB external hard disk but fails to detect the internal disk, Fedora 9 detects the internal disk but not the USB disk, Fedora 8 will not work due to video "card" detection problems.

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