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This kind of cyber prostitution should be illegal anyways most of them girls are making thousands of dollars and not even paying taxes this is another post someone made about this website and others like it tell me this isn't illegal site hires and pays "models" electronically without asking or the models providing legal documentation for legal work while based in the US.

All these models do is beg and guiable guys like myself cant help ourselves and say no to it cause we crave more it is an addiction as you know.

now this has become an addiction and illness for me the attention i get from the models and sexual desires causes me to have a severe addiction as to where i keep coming back and paying more and more.

these models also beg the members through emails and private messages for even more money through the website. Ive spent thousands of my fathers life insurance money on this.

If I blow my family's budget buying Coke because it makes me happy to drink it, I can't sue the company for making available the product that is my "addiction." At some point people with so-called addictions need to be told to shut up and learn to control themselves.

All these "addictions" that are nothing more than someone not wanting to use willpower are making it much harder for those with real addictions to be taken seriously.

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