What influences adolescent dating gainesville fl online dating

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However, because studies of dating violence have primarily focused on studying other factors, they may underestimate effects by including variables that mediate socioeconomic status and victimization.Further, findings’ generalizability is unclear because most studies have used geographically restricted samples.Research examining neighborhood contexts and partner violence has focused primarily on adults.In ecological analyses, Browning (2002) found that neighborhood disadvantage was positively related to female-victim intimate partner homicide; however, disadvantage was unrelated to individual-level severe partner violence victimization after individual sociodemographic, social support, and relational characteristics were controlled (Browning, 2002).As such, examining male and female victimization separately is needed to inform future prevention program efforts.

Family and school disadvantage were based on a principal component analysis of soecioeconomic indicators reported by adolescents and parents.Dating violence is a serious and prevalent problem in the United States.In the 1995-96 school year, thirty-two percent of male adolescents and thirty-one percent of female adolescents in opposite-sex romantic relationships reported psychological or physical victimization in one or more relationships in the preceding 18 months (Halpern, Oslak, Young, Martin, & Kupper, 2001).Such structural factors, including neighborhood poverty, have been connected with many other health outcomes, including self-rated health, birth weight, ischemic stroke, ischemic heart disease, and all-cause mortality, though these associations often vary in strength by gender (Chaix, Rosvall, & Merlo, 2007; Do, Finch, Basurto-Davila, Bird, Escarce, & Lurie, 2008; Lisabeth, Diez Roux, Escobar, Smith, & Morgenstern, 2007; Masi, Hawkley, Piotrowski, & Pickett, 2007; Turrell, Kavanagh, Draper, & Subramanian, 2007).The purpose of this paper is to extend the understanding of potential fundamental contributors to adolescent dating violence victimization by examining its relationship to family and school socioeconomic disadvantage.

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